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Mission Statements

Mission Statements

To Clients ...
provide a competitively priced drafting service that meets all of their requirements in drawing presentation and level of information.
prepare detail drawings to industry standards that are accurate, delivered on time and professionally presented and supported.

To Industry ...
provide support and backup to engineers, architects and fabricators.
employ and train cadet draftsmen and maintain staff levels.
improve productivity in the steel fabrication industry.
remain internationally competitive.
raise industry awareness of detail drafting.
promote the benefits of appropriate programming of critical path elements in construction.

To Staff ...
give security in employment.
offer promising career prospects.
allocate personally satisfying work tasks.
ensure a safe and comfortable workplace.
equip our drawing office with state of the art equipment and software.
provide on-going training and development in order to stay abreast of ever changing technology.
reward effort and skill with appropriate remuneration.


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