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Our company’s greatest asset is it’s staff. Our core group of senior drawing office personnel brings with it a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience that is not easily gained in today’s “fast-tracked” environment. Experience ranging from small fabrication workshops and sites to project management and coordination of huge infrastructure contracts is offered to our clients to help bring about the best possible result for their project.

With our drawing office staff supported by an experienced team of management and administration personnel, we’re justifiably proud of the skills and talents exhibited time and again by our team to bring in drafting projects on time and on budget.

Steelcad recognises the importance of training cadets to reinforce the skills base of the drawing office.
The youth of our staff are a dedicated group who have shown a real interest, not only in drafting, but also in the construction industry and the role they play in it.

Over the course of their 4 year cadetship, trainees experience steel fabrication workshops, construction sites and tours of commercial facilities involved in the production of fabricated structural and mechanical steelwork. We feel this broad experience gives our cadets a solid foundation upon which they are able to build a fulfilling career in the steel construction industry.


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